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Welcome non-dutch readers and speakers to We deliver you fun and interesting blogs, stories and facts. We blog mainly in Dutch. A language that is not spoken or written as much as English, Spanish or Chinese.  You came to our website, because you want to know our experience in a certain country or just for fun facts. Use the Google translate to switch to your language!

Plaatsonbekend in your language

Plaatsonbekend can be litteraly translated to a place unkown. We make unknown places known! As you might wonder what a certain blog is about or what our experience in a certain country is, you can use the Google Translate function.

To switch from Dutch to your language you can use the translate options in the sidebar on the right. The use of this translate option is made possible by Google and is very helpful for all who can’t read Dutch. We hope that this increase your accessibility to the website.

Plaatsonbekend is also active on different Social media platforms. See our Social media menu for options and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You might have found us through one of these platforms or your search engine. So a ‘warm welcome’ is in place.


Did you know the Dutch language…..

Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands ofcourse. But also in other parts of the world. There are about 29 million people around the world who can speak the Dutch lingo. Beside the Netherlands, Dutch is spoken in Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and a couple of other nice warm Carribbean islands. But also Afrikaans is very similiar and is spoken in South Africa. Dutch is the third most widely spoken Germanic language and relates to English and German. You can find Dutch related words all over the world from New York to Indonesia.

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